60th Reunion 2021

Boyden High School Class of 1960


April 30, 2021


Dear Classmates,


The question is “Will we have a Class Reunion this August”?  After taking a poll of the 

Reunion Committee, there were more fears and No’s than yeses.


I asked Dr. Tom Thurston, of our class, for help.  Tom and I reviewed all the concerns. 

It was not long before Tom said he would call Dr. Sam Pegram.  He was the Infection

Center for Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.  Dr. Pegram advised that right

now the Herd Immunity is at 50%.  That is only half of the population in the U.S.

have been vaccinated or have had Covid 19.  Dr. Pegram advised NOT to have a

large gatherings until the Herd Immunity is 80%.  Considering this and that some will

fly, and others have not been vaccinated.  The committee agreed to be safe.  We 

WILL NOT have a reunion in August.


The Reunion Committee will keep a watch on the Herd Immunity and when it is 

safe we will plan and have a Reunion.  Hopefully we can have a get together

later this year.




Cynthia Rivers Shoaf, Chairman

1960 BHS Reunion Committee 

Email: crs@shoafbiochem.com

Phone: 336-479-6914 cell